The big problem facing business owners in 2024

Breaking News: Business Owners Facing Overwork and Financial Strain in 2024

From Waseem Khan


12th March, 2024

Are You Running a Business… Or Running Yourself Into the Ground?

Many business owners I speak with are in this position.

While they are making $750K+, they feel trapped:

  • Pumping out 60+ hour weeks with no end in sight
  • Pulling their hair out wondering where all the revenue goes at the end of the month
  • Sick and tired of having a team that underperforms
  • Struggling to let go of the reigns, thinking nobody can do the job they can do
  • Feeling like they’re trapped in a prison they can’t escape from

That’s NOT Sustainable.

Something MUST Change.


It had to for me.

When I first started, I was waking up every single day and immediately felt pulled in all different directions.

Because of this lack of clarity and focus, I was working 80+ hour weeks and only taking home $20k a year for my efforts.

❎ That’s worse than minimum wage.

❎ In fact, it’s like working a volunteer job.

❎ Not ideal for a profitable business owner.

Sure, I had achieved some success as I was sitting at roughly $600K in revenue – yet the brutal reality was that I didn’t have enough profit in the business to even pay myself.

With existing loans to keep the business afloat, I feared the idea of having to invest more into the business without a solid strategy.

It’s not like I could commit more of their time or ask for bigger loans for too much longer.

At the end of the day, I felt like I was burning the money I was making for nothing, and wasting precious years of my life away for something that may just not work.

I began questioning if I was even able to run a profitable business and was at the point of considering walking away.

Simple decisions became hard to make because of the stress I was under. Lines of communication and clear roles and responsibilities became blurred and it only amplified the stress I was feeling.

So How Did I Manage To Make The Jump To 6-figures And Work Less Than 20 Hours Per Week All While Growing And Expanding My Business Faster Than Ever?


I had to go back to basics.

By creating a shared direction I wanted to go in, and building systems, I was able to streamline my operations to the point my team could step in and operate.

This freed up almost 50+ hours a week for me.

… meaning I could spend my time generating more revenue, reducing my high overheads and optimising my business model so it was not eating into my profit.

In just a few short years that $20k annual income I was paying myself grew rapidly.

I was able to build a management and operations team, pay them handsomely, and incentivize them to perform to the best of their ability.

Here’s the specific process I used.

I began by creating systems – my way of capturing day-to-day tasks from whoever was responsible for them. Here’s what it looked like:

  • Capturing the core processes needed for my business to survive and operate
  • Having my team take over my tasks without worrying about making mistakes or not knowing what to do (that’s what my systems were made for!)
  • Actively working on making myself the least important person in my business

Stepping out of the day-to-day, gave me the chance to breathe. It allowed me to begin seeing my businesses from a bird’s eye view. I finally was able to work ON my business, not IN it.

Over the past few years, I’ve found this is vital for small-to-medium businesses, as things are constantly evolving and changing so fast you need to be frequently assessing and pivoting.

From here, it becomes even more straightforward.

You simply add more systems, and optimise your existing ones. Split your business into it’s core components.

Visually, it looks like this.

Let Me Ask You A Simple Question …


What would it mean to your life and business if you could just get back a few extra hours a day? 

And I mean BACK!

Like time to hang with the family

… time to go on a holiday

… time to think and breathe

… time to just sleep

Time for you to live your life.

While right now it might feel like a far-off dream – I am telling you it is closer than you think

Over the last few years, I have helped multiple Australian Businesses break their patterns and behaviours of stagnation and:

  • Drastically improve the profitability of their business
  • Grow an incredible team that can step in and run things for them
  • Drastically cut their own working hours so they don’t always have their finger on the pulse
  • Create space between themselves and the business so they can be present with loved ones and enjoy life

All by implementing what are really simple, everyday, “bread and butter” strategies.

And while they appear simple, the result they create is anything but … in fact, on average, when these strategies are implemented and executed – over a 12-month period they add $1M in profit while cutting their hours down to 30 hours a week.

What Would An Extra $1M in Profit Do For Your Business?

If you’re looking for the shortest, proven path to business growth in the most cost-effective way where profitability rises without throwing more man hours into the machine … AND you want to find where an additional $100k+ of profit lies hidden in your business in the process – what I have to say next is of the utmost important to you.

This Week Only, I Am Offering 5 Businesses The Opportunity To Personally Create An Action Plan With Me for FREE!


Until the end of the week, you can claim a complimentary Freedom Action Plan with me where we’ll put together a personalised plan for how you can add an extra $100K to $1M/yr profit in your business while cutting your hours down to 30 hours a week.

This is perfect for business owners who are:

… working too many hours.

I’ll help you free up your schedule by finding the right people and delegating the right things to them, enabling you to escape the trap of pumping 60+ hour weeks with no end in sight (one of my clients went from 90 to 30 hrs per week).

… have major cashflow issues

If you’re creating great revenue but have no idea where the hell your money has gone at the end of each month, I’ll help you get on top of cash flow so you never worry about covering overheads or payroll again.

… have trouble with their staff

If your team isn’t performing and isn’t in alignment, I’ll share proven tactics to manage your team and make them personally responsible for the right outcomes (so you’re not constantly micro-managing them)

Why Would I Do This?


Great Question. There are two reasons:

1. Business Owners Are My People: and there is nothing I love more than helping passionate, committed, entrepreneurial people who have taken the risk feel a huge sense of relief as they can finally see growth and clear, blue skies ahead of them.

These Freedom Action Plans are a great way for me to pay it forward to incredible people who need a little help.

2. I’m Actively Looking For A Handful Of Business Owners Wanting To Grow: and these calls are a great way for us to see if there’s a way for my team and I to help you really unlock the massive potential your business has.

If we both discover that’s you and you’d like help – fantastic!

If not – I get to sleep comfortably that night knowing I took another step toward achieving the reason I got into business.

(Of course, there is absolutely no obligation or expectation for you to go any further though.)

So whatever your biggest challenge is, I know I have already helped many Australian Business Owners overcome it.

And I’m excited to show you how to overcome it as well.

No fluff or hype involved – you’ll get a proven, personalised Freedom Action Plan that has already helped many other Australian Businesses rapidly grow (and create financial freedom for their owners).

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